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Nepal Trekking Peaks fees

Nepal’s majestic peaks have long beckoned climbers and adventurers from around the globe. However, with great adventure comes great responsibility. At Eco Holiday Asia, we’re committed to promoting sustainable tourism and responsible climbing practices. Let’s explore the climbing royalties and regulations for Nepali climbers, categorized by peak groups.

Group ‘A’ Peaks: These peaks offer a thrilling challenge and stunning vistas. For Nepali climbers, the climbing royalties are as follows:

  • Cholatse (Khumbu): 4000 NPR (Spring), 2000 NPR (Autumn), 1000 NPR (Winter, Summer)
  • Kyazo Ri (Mahalangur): 4000 NPR (Spring), 2000 NPR (Autumn), 1000 NPR (Winter, Summer)
  • Phari Lapcha (Mahalangur): 4000 NPR (Spring), 2000 NPR (Autumn), 1000 NPR (Winter, Summer)
  • And more…

Group ‘B’ Peaks: For those seeking diverse challenges, Group ‘B’ peaks await. Here are the climbing royalties for Nepali climbers:

  • Hiunchuli (Annapurna Himal): 4000 NPR (Spring), 2000 NPR (Autumn), 1000 NPR (Winter, Summer)
  • Singhu Chuli (Fluted Peak) (Annapurna Himal): 5000 NPR (Spring), 2500 NPR (Autumn), 1250 NPR (Winter, Summer)
  • Mera Peak (Khumbu Himal): 4000 NPR (Spring), 2000 NPR (Autumn), 1000 NPR (Winter, Summer)
  • And more…

Regulations and Notes:

  • Insurance requirements: Sardar, mountain guide, and high altitude worker fund set at Rs 15 lakhs, medical insurance at Rs 4 lakhs, and mountain heli-rescue at 10,000 USD.
  • Team size: Maximum of 15 members per team.
  • Garbage deposit: USD 250, refundable as per NMA provisions.
  • Certain peaks, like Tharpu Chuli and Mardi Himal, don’t incur climbing royalties for Nepali climbers.

Royalty for Nepali climber (per person in Nepali Rupees)

Group ‘A’ Peaks

S.NName of the peakRegionHeightPermit Fee (In Nepali Rupees)
Spring Autumn WinterSummer
2Kyazo RiMahalangur6151m400020001,0001,000
3Phari LapchaMahalangur6159m400020001,0001,000
5Langsisa RiJugal6412m400020001,0001,000
9Lobuje WestKhumbu6135m400020001,0001,000
10Larkya PeakManaslu6416m400020001,0001,000
12Yubra HimalLangtang Himal6048m400020001,0001,000


Group ‘B’ Peaks

S.NName of the peakRegionHeight (In Meters)Permit Fee (In Nepali Rupees)
Spring Autumn WinterSummer 
1HiunchuliAnnapurna Himal6423400020001,0001,000
2Singhu Chuli (Fluted Peak)Annapurna Himal6501500025001,2501,250
3Mera PeakKhumbu Himal6470400020001,0001,000
4Kusum KangruKhumbu Himal6360400020001,0001,000
5KwangdeKhumbu Himal6011400020001,0001,000
6Chulu WestManang6419400020001,0001,000
7Chulu EastManang6584500025001,2501,250
8Imja Tse(Island Peak)Khumbu Himal6160400020001,0001,000
9PharchamoRolwaling Himal6187400020001,0001,000
10LobujeKhumbu Himal6119400020001,0001,000
11RamdungRolwaling Himal5925400020001,0001,000
12Pisang PeakManang6091400020001,0001,000
13Khongma TseKhumbu Himal5849400020001,0001,000
14Ganja-la ChuliLangtang Himal5844400020001,0001,000
15Paldor PeakLangtang Himal5896400020001,0001,000

 Royalty for Foreign climbers (per person in US dollar)

Group ‘A’ Peaks

S.NName of the peakRegionHeightPermit Fee (In US dollars)
Spring Autumn WinterSummer 
2Kyazo RiMahalangur6151m2501257070
3Phari LapchaMahalangur6159m2501257070
5Langsisa RiJugal6412m2501257070
9Lobuje WestKhumbu6135m2501257070
10Larkya PeakManaslu6416m2501257070
12Yubra HimalLangtang Himal6048m2501257070

Group ‘B’ Peaks

S.NName of the peakRegionHeight (In Meters)Permit Fee (In Nepali Rupees)
Spring Autumn WinterSummer 
1HiunchuliAnnapurna Himal64232501257070
2Singhu Chuli (Fluted Peak)Annapurna Himal6501400200100100
3Mera PeakKhumbu Himal64702501257070
4Kusum KangruKhumbu Himal63602501257070
5KwangdeKhumbu Himal60112501257070
6Chulu WestManang64192501257070
7Chulu EastManang6584400200100100
8Imja Tse(Island Peak)Khumbu Himal61602501257070
9PharchamoRolwaling Himal61872501257070
10LobujeKhumbu Himal61192501257070
11RamdungRolwaling Himal59252501257070
12Pisang PeakManang60912501257070
13Khongma TseKhumbu Himal58492501257070
14Ganja-la ChuliLangtang Himal58442501257070
15Paldor PeakLangtang Himal58962501257070


As per the decision of secretary-level dated 2014/4/29, the insurance amount for sardar, mountain guide and high altitude worker fund is fixed at Rs 15 lakhs. Similarly, medical insurance has been fixed at Rs 4 lakhs. Mountain heli-rescue of 10,000 USD is also required.
Note: Maximum number of members in a team is 15.
Garbage deposit to acquire climbing permit will be same i.e. USD 250. The refund shall be made as per the provisions of NMA.

Climbers will not have to pay any permit fee for following NMA peaks

S.NName of the PeakHeightRegion
1Tharpu Chuli (Tent Peak)5695mAnnapurna Himal
2Mardi Himal5553mAnnapurna Himal
3Yala Peak5732mLangtang Himal
4Chhukung Ri5833mMahalangur
6Pokhalde5780mKhumbu Himal


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