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Trekking checklist for Nepal

What To Bring For Trekking

What To Bring For Trekking

The following equipment lists are suggested and essential for both types (camping & teahouse) treks in the Himalayan country, Nepal. Make use of this list as a guideline proposal.
1. Light T-shirts and shorts for the day.
2. Couple of walking trousers.
3. Woolen/fleece sweater and jacket.
4. Warm trousers and pants.
5. Wind and water proofs jacket and pants.
6. Gore-Tex jacket and pants (waterproofs just in case).
7. Rain coat (just in case).
8. Down jackets if you are camping.
9. Light thermal and medium thermal long underwear bottom.
10. Gore-Tex glove shells with liner or ski gloves and woolen gloves.
11. Sun and woolen hat with extra scarf.
12. Pairs of underwear.
13. Good and comfortable trekking boots, camp shoes or sandals for evenings and several pairs of woolen and cotton socks.
14. Snow Gaiters.
15. Sleeping bag for tea house trekking 3 seasons is usually enough, but if you are camping you will probably need 4 seasons.
16. Thermarest sleeping pad if you are camping.
17. Large and strong waterproof duffel bag with lock and trekking bag with rain cover.
18. Large and small plastic bags – for keeping items dry inside trek bag.
19. One-liter two water bottles, one of which should be suitable for hot water (you can use it as a hot water bottle in your sleeping bag.
20. Iodine (Polar-Pure) for water
21. A pair of sunglasses with UV protection.
22. Walking poles/sticks.
23. Headlamp with spare bulbs and batteries.
24. Sun screen lotion SPF 10 to 30 and sun screen stick SPF 10 to 30 very important to protect against sunburn.
25. Basic First Aid Kit (see Health and Medicinal).
26. Compass, altimeter and GPS (If you have).
27. Binoculars may have been useful.

Other necessary items:
Postcards of hometown or photos of home and family to share with local people. Safety pins, sewing kit, zip lock bags for small items. Swiss Army knife (kept in checked luggage on plane, some passport size photographs, lip balm, reading book/writing materials and Mp3 player (opt). Snacks (dried fruit is especially useful as it is not always possible to get fresh fruit). Photo equipment with plenty of film/disk, spare batteries and Matches and lighter (kept in checked luggage on plane.
Toiletry items:
Towel, biodegradable soaps, pre-moistened novelettes, wash cloth, any additional personal items such as toothbrush, comb and toilet paper (but please dispose it properly).

Note: Any kind of clothing and equipment are available and can be hired in the many adventure shops in Kathmandu (Thamel). Local branded products are available and price is much cheaper than USA, Australia or Europe.

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  1. Kathmandu is one of my favorite ctieis on earth. I have so many good memories of my trips there. Enjoy every moment! If you are still there drop in to the Courtyard Hotel and tell Michelle and Pujan hello for me and get them to tell you where to set up a dinner at Thamel house for you – amazing!

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