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All you need to know about Holiday in Nepal

All you need to know about Holiday in Nepal

All you need to know about Holiday in Nepal : Read Before Pack.

Nepal, a small country that has remained unknown to tourists, enjoys today an unprecedented tourist reputation. It may be far and not easy to access, but it does not discourage tourists.
Nepal, a country of legends and divinities, is full of curiosities and mysteries. It is the best holiday destinations for tourists. So get ready for a stay rich in discoveries. It is difficult to establish a precise list of things to be seen in Nepal, simply because everything is to be discovered.

What to visit in Nepal?

Nepal is a small country in the heart of the Himalayas, wedged between India and China. Nepal has built a specific culture that once welcomed hippies from all over the world. Today you can come and discover the richness of Nepalese culture and especially enjoy the Himalayan Mountains especially for unusual treks. The most classic and accessible treks, especially because of the not too high altitude, take place in the Kathmandu Valley, Langtang Valley and around Pokhara. You will then find many treks in the Annapurna Massif, around Mount Everest and in the upper Mustang. To discover Nepal and its culture, you can start with Kathmandu where you can visit the temples, the royal palace, the stupas as well as the old hippies’ neighborhoods. In the immediate vicinity, also visit Bhaktapur and Patan. Then go for Pashupantinath and Boudhanath to discover the golden temple and the cremation piers. In Dakshin Kali and Kirtipur you can observe the animal sacrifices. Discover the religious ensemble of Panauti. Finally, in the park of Chitwan go on a walk to discover the animals. Nepal is a very pleasant country to visit, you can land in idyllic places, soak up the Buddhist culture (it is the country where Buddha was born) and Hindu and do mountain sports. Have a nice trip to Nepal!

Place to visit

If you are looking for calm Kathmandu the capital may disappoint you: pollution, traffic, driving in all directions, the city is far from easy but it is really to discover. Among the places not to miss in Kathmandu you have the Thamel district. It houses various shops, restaurants, youth hostels, etc. The neighborhood is full of life. The Durbar Square, old town of Kathmandu is a must see. This historic district is composed of three large squares: Basantapur Square, Makahan Tole and Durbar. There are several temples such as: the Temple of Goddess Taleju (most of all), Kasthamandap, Kumari Bahal, etc. Entrance to Durbar Square is not free (read : Trekking Permits and Government fees for Restricted Zone of Nepal). Ask for a pass if you plan to visit it several times, it will save you from paying the right to .
A visit to Hanuman Dhoka Royal Palace is highly recommended. Certainly you can see only a small part of this palace, but it is already not bad seen what it shelters like curiosities.
Who says stay in Nepal necessarily means trekking (Though trekking is Nepal is fun) . Do not forget that Nepal is home to 8 of the highest peaks in the world. If you want to be full of thrills a trekking tour in Nepal would not be too much. To do this you can use a travel agency. They offer trekking tours in the Langtang Valley (north of the capital), trekking to the Everest base camp, etc. Compare the prices well before you decide.

The sleeping areas

Home Stay Nepal - Eco Holiday Asia
Home Stay Nepal – Eco Holiday Asia

The ease or difficulty of finding accommodation in Nepal depends on the city where you plan to reside. In Kathmandu the capital you will have no trouble finding accommodation. This ranges from the hostel of less than 10 EUR per night, to luxury hotels from 50 EUR per night, through cheap hotels of 30 EUR per night roughly. If you plan to go to small towns without hotels, opt for accommodation home stay, very nice way to rub shoulders with this warm people. Holiday in Nepal is great and full of adventure .

Nepali Cuisine and culinary specialties

If you want to eat typical Nepali order dal bath white rice with a bowl of lentil soup. It is rarely accompanied by meat. Nepalese eat it every day at lunch and dinner. Your dishes will be accompanied by so-called chiya tea.

Tip: In Nepal only drink mineral water and never tap water. Also avoid ice cubes.

Entry formalities

To enter Nepal, you must be in possession of a valid passport and a visa. The visa application can be made at the Embassy of Nepal (In Paris: 45 bis, rue Acacias 75017 – Tel: 01 46 22 48 67, in Brussels: 210 Brugmann avenue – +32 02 346 26 58; 81, rue de la Servette – Tel: +41 022 733 26 00) or at the airport upon arrival. If you plan to opt for the second alternative think to bring 2 photos.

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